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About | Sharda LaunchPad

Our Vision

Sharda LaunchPad for Entrepreneurship Development is an important platform to our students and alumni. The goal is to help them choose from the multitude of programs and resources available to students and alumni in Sharda University in particular and the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in India in general.

Our Mission

Mission Statement -Sharda LaunchPad aims to promote entrepreneurial spirit among our students and alumni. It serves as the link between entrepreneurial enthusiasts and industry experts in the concerned field so that the current students and alumni can learn from their experiences, knowledge and expertise through initiatives like interviews’, speaker sessions’, competitions’, industry interface, mentoring and many more. Being one of the most well-known private universities in the NCR, we proudly take the onus upon us to promote, support, boost and create a legacy of immense pool of entrepreneurial talents, ideas and leaders.

Objectives of Sharda LaunchPad