Entrepreneurship Essentials Certificate Course

Course Overview

Whether you are a current or an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone who is looking to gain an understanding of how businesses are built, you will walk away from Entrepreneurship Essentials with the ability to:

  • Identify an entrepreneurial opportunity
  • Evaluate an entreprenurial idea and assess the market
  • Appreciate the risks and rewards of entrepreneurship
  • Leverage experiments to validate your idea and refine your business strategy
  • Discover the key financial decisions any entrepreneur must make in the early stages of a new venture
  • Understand the process of raising capital and how to speak to investors
  • Learn from successful entrepreneurs and leading venture capitalists, as well as peers

Teaching Pedagogy

Entrepreneurship Essentials consists of approximately 25 to 30 hours of material developed by Professor William A. Sahlman and delivered over a four-week period with a flexible program structure. There is no set time to log in. One complete the coursework, which consists of a highly engaging mix of short videos, multimedia cases, interactive learning exercises, and written reflections, on one’s own time while meeting regular deadlines. All course material is delivered through the innovative HBX online platform.

Topics covered in the programme

  • Ideas and Opportunities
  • Building a Business
  • Financing a Business
  • Sources of Investment

Who can apply for the programme

  • Individuals who may be considering starting their own venture
  • First-time entrepreneurs with just the start of an idea
  • Individuals looking to join a StartUp
  • Individuals interested in investing in StartUps

Important Details

Course Dates

Start date: 3rd April 2019

End date: 1st May 2019

Course Duration: 1st May 2019

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Distinguished FacultyWilliam A. Sahlman