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We are proud to Incubate these young Student Entrepreneurs of Sharda University.

Sharda Connect & Biz-Port

Mr.Pujith Niel Wood & Mr. Aman Shah (B.Com. 2nd year)

Sharda Connect is a platform which will give access to connect the Shardan’s with each other, knowing the programs, events, etc. Sharda Connect will help in making a better platform for all the members of Sharda University where people can connect

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Mr. Manik Gupta (BBA 2nd year)

Most of the countries of the world have a single emergency number like US has 911, UK has 999 but India still does not have any. Madad is a StartUp which will bring all the national health and security on to one platform, by dialling just one number. A

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Mr. Rohit Kumar Mallick, Mr. Sandip Shahi and Mr. Vishal Vashishth (BBA 3rd year)

Accidents due to drunken driving are on the rise every year. V Cops is being designed to help the society and the Government reduce alcoholic and non-alcoholic related car accidents and harassment in workplace. It is an Android and SMS based alcohol

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EAT ME Food Truck

Mr. Eshan Bhalla (MBA 1st year)

EAT ME will be a food truck business which would offer foodies choicest of delicacies in Jammu, Jalandhar & Greater Noida. What's unique about EAT ME that the trucks will keep on moving across locations depending on orders and the food will be

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Mr. Himanshu Kumar (B.Tech. - CSE 2nd year)

Mr. Himanshu Kumar has started AutoMech Engineering, a specialised academic oriented engineering StartUp in the domain of STEM (Science, Technologies, Engineering & Mathematics) that will fill the gap between education sector & industries. The

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