National Entrepreneurship Day Masterclass on startup mentor meet IIT Roorkee

National Startup Day 2024 offered a jam-packed program to empower aspiring entrepreneurs. The "Pitch Mastery" masterclass provided practical skills for crafting compelling presentations to investors. Additionally, the "Startup Clinic" launch offered a dedicated platform for future founders to seek guidance and mentorship. Finally, the "Open Mentor House" provided an invaluable opportunity to connect with industry leaders like Mr. Sanjay Nagi, Mr. Anurag Jain, and Mr. Anand Prakash, gaining insights from their entrepreneurial journeys.

About The Event




The Start-Up Mentor Meet at Sharda University featured a masterclass session on
pitching to investors, aiming to enhance the presentation skills of aspiring
entrepreneurs. The event marked the pre-launch of the Startup Clinic, a forthcoming resource for startups to receive mentorship. The Open Mentor House provided a unique opportunity for attendees to interact with and seek guidance from experienced mentors, including Mr. Sanjay Nagi, Mr. Anurag Jain, and Mr. Anand Prakash. This comprehensive event catered to the diverse needs of startup enthusiasts, fostering an environment conducive to learning, networking, and mentorship.

Key Takeaways
  • Pitch Mastery: Masterclass on "Pitch to Investors" to help aspiring entrepreneurs craft winning investment pitches.
  • Startup Clinic Launch: Introduction of a dedicated platform for startups to get pre-launch guidance and mentorship.
  • Open Mentor House: Opportunity to connect with industry leaders like Mr. Sanjay Nagi, Mr. Anurag Jain, and Mr. Anand Prakash.
Event Agenda

1. Pitch Mastery: Conduct a masterclass session on "Pitch to Investors" to equip
aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills needed for effective and compelling
presentations to potential investors.
2. Launch of Startup Clinic: Introduce and initiate the pre-launch activities of the
Startup Clinic, providing a dedicated platform for startups to seek guidance and
3. Open Mentor House: Facilitate an open house with esteemed mentors,
including Mr. Sanjay Nagi, Founder of Market Insight Consultants; Mr. Anurag
Jain, Founder Partner at Conscious Compute; and Mr. Anand Prakash,
President of IIT Roorkee Alumni Association Noida.

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