Meet Our Incubates

We are proud to Incubate these young Student Entrepreneurs of Sharda University. We provide them facilities, an ambience to develop their ideas and mentoring to reach their goals of successfully forming a startup.

Mr. Jithin Kumar Palepu School of Engineering Electronic and Communication 2017-21

Jithin started researching about the technology and gathered trends on them; phased the project into 3 phases; Completed the phase –I of the project. Phase I is about controlling the electronics ( in my case a robotic car) with mind. And started researching on phase II, that is using the technology on living things; completed the research for the phase 2 and created the schematics for the phase II; completed the phase II and started implementing the II in real life. So, started advancing the phase II which is compactable with the living things. Advancing the phase II and also doing research on phase III; Estimated completion of phase III: 1st Jan 2020. Which includes introduction of phase II to the world and implementation of phase III in real life.

Mechagen Robotics Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Ajay Kumar School of Engineering

Mr. Ajay Kumar was a student of electronics and communication Engineering Batch 2014-18. Mr. Ajay Kumar’s idea is developing a Robot Mule that shall carry the loads of soldiers in higher altitudes. It is a quadruple robot that shall be able to walk on the four legs like a 4 leg animal. Ajay has already CAD Design and Simulation. Currently, Ajay is in the prototyping the single leg of robot to check working of it.

Nextbots Robotics Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Eshan Bhalla School of Business Studies

Eshan Bhalla a student of MBA (IV semester) started with an idea of supplying hostel amenities to the students of Sharda University. The idea named as clocked in a turnover of 2 lakhs in the initial few months of its operations.

EAT ME Food Truck
Mr. Deepanshu Mathur, Mr. Aman Shah, Mr. Darpan Chauhan

A venture of students of School of Business Studies, Hunger Stop is an venture of team of BBA and B Com students bring all food joints on the campus on digital platform. Their idea is to have a mobile-application based food delivery service within Sharda. They have done various iterations of their service offering and their mobile application is now available on the android app store.

Hunger Stop
Mr. Kritik Anand, Mr. Puranjay Chauhan

The founders are friends and first year B Tech students. They came up with the idea of tasty food for fitness conscious people.