Meet Our Incubates

We are proud to Incubate these young Student Entrepreneurs of Sharda University. We provide them facilities, an ambience to develop their ideas and mentoring to reach their goals of successfully forming a startup.

Gfig Business Ratings and Ranking Services Pvt Ltd

Ashu Aggarwal



Divyanshu Shukla

 Papswap is  'The Choupal' a Mobile Application & YouTube-based policy media house, driven by the vision of "Policies Over Politics.  


Moonrider Pvt Ltd

Anoop Srikantaswamy


Moonrider is a clean tech, climate tech, and agricultural technology company headquartered in Bangalore. In addition to our expertise in electric tractors, we use AI-powered advanced analytics to forecast farmers ' revenue and production. We Are Electric by Nature. Born Digital was co-founded by Anoop and Ravi, two IT industry professionals who have produced several digital and physical products at scale for companies including JCB, Volvo, Ola Electric, and John Deere.

Triple S Fuelcab Pvt ltd

Nitin Anand

FuelCab India is an e-commerce web/app platform or you can say a “Energy Delivery Company” for all types of fuels & raw materials (renewable & non-renewable) where user can buy/sell any type of fossil/green fuel & raw materials within 2-3 simple clicks anytime anywhere.  



Royal Bengal Greentech Pvt Ltd

Pallavi Luharuka

Royal Bengal GreenTech is a startup working on Agri-waste derived, cost-competitive 100% biodegradable non-toxic alternative priced at par with petro-plastic relative to three times costlier alternatives.


Coreconcept Learning Soluions and Technologies Pvt Ltd

Chander Ramchandani

SkillMonde's holistic approach to empowering individuals by integrating comprehensive training programs with a robust freelance and recruitment platform,  offering a complete ecosystem for skill development and job opportunities. Their courses are tailored to regional
needs, ensuring relevance, while our accessible, mobile-friendly platform makes learning convenient and affordable for all.

Barina Foods Pvt Ltd

Shivam Kaushik

Barina Food is a new company in India specializing in aged, cured, and fermented meats and snacks. They focus on getting ingredients directly from farms (farm-to-fork) and supporting pig farmers. This unique approach makes them leaders in a new market for these types of food .


Mr. Shalendra Sinha

It provides an efficient healthcare system using digital infrastructure

Icrowd Online Platform Private Limited (PropWealth)

Mr. Rohit Verma

The Real Estate Marketplace PropWealth is an online marketplace for investing in high-quality commercial real estate. Real Estate Investment Platform connects investors to pre-vetted real estate opportunities and gives them the freedom to invest in lucrative property at a fraction of the cost through crowdfunding.

SVRC Techno Innovations Private Limited

Ms. Shefali Vinod Ramteke

Drone manufacturing startup working on tackling issues faced by farmers like Crop Protection Spraying Drone Solutions for Precision Agriculture & Climate-Smart Farming in India.

Droga Technologies Private Limited

Mr. Prateek Saxena

Droga provides a cutting-edge mobile-first solution designed for global restaurants, aimed at optimizing their operations and boosting revenue.

Green synergy trading private limited (Family First)

Mr. Rudraneel Singh

 A trading company based in Noida, UP, India deals in Edible Commodities like Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Edible Oil, Indian Spices, and other Grocery commodities.

Vidyut Oorja

Mr. Nikhil Mishra

It provides on-grid and Off- grid-sustainable and clean electricity solutions to residential, small retail shops, and Various office spaces


Mr. Rohit Jaiswal

A Fashion-Tech company providing B2C, and B2B solutions for the E-Commerce Industry


Mr. Saahil Kapoor

 An innovative AI/ML-powered content-driven marketplace that revolutionizes the shopping experience. It allows consumers to shop from their trusted neighborhood stores and discover products from emerging brands, all in one convenient platform

Storelo Private Limited

Mr. Tarun Singh

A comprehensive storage solutions startup offering a range of services such as Packing and Moving of goods, Order Processing Fulfillment, Household Storage facility, and Office Storage on affordable, secure, and safe storage options for our customer's belongings.


Mr. Abhishek kumar Pandey

An AI-based startup that partners with doctors to lower the risk of death from unidentified diseases. Our innovative solution utilizes AI to predict various diseases in the body by analyzing X-ray and CT scans.


Mr. Mayank Singh

Kyrel is a game development company focused on creating original and authentic games with a strong connection to Indian mythology.

EVE Healthcare Centers

Mr. Ravi Utsav

EVE is a user-friendly and efficient online platform that revolutionizes the process of booking medical appointments

Fawdastar Agrisolutions Private Limited

Mr. Rajkumar Pundir & Mr. Ajay Singh Pundir

Connecting Farmers, Agri-labors, and Agri-machinery owners.

To be identified as a “go-to-company” by farmers for easy and just-in-time availability of labor and machinery.


SibRooms Private Limited

Mr. Ved Dwivedi & Mr. Sharad Kumar

A platform in the travel and tourism industry, specializing in homestays. Our platform enables individuals to rent out their premises to local tourists, creating a unique and authentic travel experience.


Mr. Jitendra Singh & Mr. Abhay Parihar

A patient-centric, data-driven, and technologically advanced healthcare ecosystem; offering an innovative platform to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare providers & End to End surgical solutions.

Bio blessings

Mr. Jai Chauhan & Mr. Manoj Papnai

Natural skincare company that strives to produce top-of-the-line skincare products with donkey milk as the primary ingredient.

Yamfoo Online Food Pvt Ltd

Mr. Nirmalendu Mishra & Manish Kumar

Yamfoo offers an equitable platform to restaurants that charge reasonable costs for their services and provides a transparent listing service. Delivery of offline orders to restaurants, Listing of restaurants and Food outlets in a geography it operates, Assists Restaurants in their marketing efforts, Cares for its Delivery Associates, Ensures Listed prices on its platform is the same as that offered directly by restaurants, Seamless automated process for offline orders similar to Online Orders, and also caters for Online orders from its platforms on both Android and iOS


Ms. Shivani Mishra

A Health-tech startup that aims to address the rising medical health expenditure and information asymmetry. Our mission is to provide the right information at the first stage of treatment with access to the right care at the right time, and the right place. CUREYA is building a geolocation-based application that aims to locate healthcare services in nearby vicinity with Cost & Treatment analysis. The user can locate and analyze the best medical centers for treatment based on the Cost of treatment. The application will be integrated with Online Bookings for centers..

Evertime Learning Pvt Ltd

Mr. Suvam Dhar

Evertime learning uses in-house psychometric tests to evaluate candidates and identify areas where they need training. senior employees with practical industry experience provide training to make candidates industry ready


Renergizr Industries Private Limited

Himanshu Gupta

Renergizr is primarily a clean-tech energy-based company providing renewable energy-based solutions to generate electricity, heat, green ammonia and hydrogen, natural gas, and purified water for the growing world population in a sustainable manner. Recycle waste Plastics into value-added products using process technology that makes it possible to convert waste plastics. Agricultural waste residue utilization.

Tecsmen Innovation

Saurabh Bansal

Telecommunication & Networking Company. Tecsmen is a leading integrator of digital networks providing all in 4G & 5G solutions, capable of wireless connectivity, optical networking, software, and services, and was placed 5G RAN vendors by Gartner

Manojavam Drone Solutions Private Limited

Ayush Goyal

We are a vertically integrated organization with in-house R&D, Manufacturing, Software & training operations, Algo Drones delivers world-class end-to-end solutions for an array of drones.

We provide highly accurate & detailed Drone Inspection, Rescue operations, Drone Mapping, Smart City Survey, Road Inspection & Survey, Mines Survey, Flood Assessment, Asset Monitoring, Security and Surveillance, and many more

Marqs Digital Solutions Private Limited

Aniket Karira

Strategic Creative marketing and advertisement agency to help brands scale with forward-thinking digital marketing

Farmers Family

Vikal Kulshreshtha

Farmers Family is an initiative that aims to provide healthy and quality farm produce directly from the farms to consumers. It focuses on building an inclusive community of farmers and consumers, while also creating awareness around healthy lifestyles and food habits. They’ve had a list of satisfied customers, Farmers, and Craftsman who believes in our philosophy i.e. Quality is key to happiness. We are registered with the Ministry of Commerce & Industry, MSME, FSSAI, and other government regulators.

Pineal Innovations Private Limited

Anish Sharma

Pineal Innovations Pvt Ltd aims to find intuitive solutions to the problems of the common man(woman), solutions that are low cost and high value. We aim to develop products that are made in India but made for the world. Through Mission SHAKTI our aim is to improve menstrual health and hygiene across India and the world

Navstream Innovations LLP

Sudhanshu Sharma

Developed an integrated BMS and motor controller module for the EVs. This new innovation eliminates the need for separate BMS and Motor Controller modules by combining the two systems hence, reducing the accommodation needs in the EVs

Calvem Energy Private Limited

Anurag Sharma

Developing high-performance Motors for Light Electric Vehicles with a focus on improving the design of radial flux Brushless motors to minimize or eliminate the usage of rare earth permanent magnets.

Amdus Technologies Private Limited

Amit Malik

Manufacture Medical appliances and instruments and appliances for measuring, checking, testing, navigating, and other purposes. Manufacturer of medical, precision, and optical instruments, watches, and Clocks and this comes under section Manufacturing.

Verdant Motors Pvt Ltd

Mr. Bhuvanesh Kumar

Verdant Motors combines the best aspects of a traditional motorcycle with today’s most advanced technology. Verdant produces revolutionary motorcycles that are lightweight, efficient, fast off the line and fun to ride.

The Vyapaari Technologies Pvt Ltd

Mr. pratyaksh soni

Advanced D2B, D2C,B2B and B2C inventory database management system acting as a portal to manage and enhance business processes on E- Commerce platforms.

Farmerface Agriculture Technology and Research

Mr. Sarwan Kumar Pandit

Organic vegetable cultivation, empowering farmers with high quality seeds, best performing organic fertilizers, organic pesticides, fungicides, agricultural machinery, and latest agriculture technology.

Efficacynex Pvt.Ltd

Mr. Kushagra

An Agriculture based startup working in the domain of post- harvest organic farming service.

Haidenic Electronics India Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Asad Haider

HAIDENIC is engaged in customize electronic products and projects which provides the market an affordable industrial automation solution, a variety of products which are retrofired, customized, decorative and ecofriendly along with excellent customer service, ensuring almost satisfaction & value to the end user.

TSAW Drones

Mr. Kishan Tiwari

Built-in drone technology stack which makes drone safer and reliable for long range operations.

HIX Media

Mr.Jasnoor Singh khalsa

Global platform to brands and influencers and to arrange them at one place to connect them with each other and help them grow, nurture and earn together. Hix Media is a leading Marketing Agency.

Zielony Air Filter

Abhishek Gupta

An air new concept of air purifiers in which solid filtering mechanism is replaced by liquid filtering mechanism.


Mr. Satish Kumar Singh

Medical tourism startup in India that enables patients across the globe to connect with and get treated by the best of doctors and specialists at an affordable cost.

Mutual fund junction

Mr. Prakash Chandra

Develop a wealth creation and protection plan that provides best chance to reach the financial goals according to specific needs and comfort levels.

Dmudblack E-commerce Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Rishab Pratap Singh

Product and service-based startup growing in the field of fashion, accessories, and handcraft, which is committed to providing a different experience to the customers.

ENSARV Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd (Gavel Legal)

Ms. Tazeen Ajmal

Professional and reliable legal care. Their lawyers are meticulously handpicked, based on quantifiable metrics like success rate and years of experience. Their focus is to leverage technology to transform legal experience in India.

L J clouds/ Edu Clouds

Mr. Sparsh Garg

Edu clouds /LJ Clouds LLP) is an Ed-Tech organization, based in India & UK, digitally enhancing the teaching-learning, Edu clouds is a World Record Holder.


Mr. Bittu Kumar

Data centered product company. Emergence of data and knowledge on internet has affected our society greatly and there is a wide need of structuring, managing and partitioning of rights and usage of it.

Trivy Technologies Pvt.Ltd

Mr. Shivansh Aggarwal

TRIVY is a global shopping and luggage pooling market place that connects shoppers and shippers with travelers allowing them to save or earn money while traveling.

VS Energy Technology

Mr. Vivek Kumar Singh

LEDs & Solar products manufacturer, they support customized decorative product development and skills development on LED & Solar Products.

A Cube Security

Kumar Vareesh

A Cube Security is one of the fastest growing and coherent firm dealing with state-of-the-art cybersecurity is trusted cyber security services and consulting partner of securing IT infrastructures with services like VAPT, Digital Forensics, Ransomware Analysis, and Risk reporting with cybercrime consultancy.

Yogitha Biofarming

Deepak Kumar

Manufacturer of samriddhi - plant growth promoter, blocker - organic fungicides & himalaya - organic pesticide.

Pomo Parks

Mr. Akshat

Smart Parking management solution with slot booking, visitor entry exit control and vehicle tracking.

A S Leader

Adhyansh Jaiswal

Online Education: To reform the educational system with the help of YouTube channel Bringing up many study materials and resources at one platform.

Casadent Medicare Pvt Ltd

Mr. Vishal Saha, Dr. Stanley

To provide treatments at patient's home itself with a team of trained and qualified professionals for both the Dental and Medical.

Monki Space

Suraj Kamya

Toy design and manufacturing: Revolutionizing toy industry leveraging cutting edge technologies along with immense love and care for our beloved kids.

Kibi Sports

Sagar Rai

KIBI Sports is an online and offline Services based Sports start-up which helps in promoting sports Globally. the one stop destination for all sporting related needs and services.

Zevik Waste Management

Sandeep Kumar

E-waste management - To Collect waste door to door for nagar panchayat and for Hospitals and residential complexes, segregate and recycle waste and stop creating Land fields.

Aqua Synthesis Pvt Ltd

Mr. Dev Pratap

Fully automated cloud computing-based hybrid hydroponic system which will boost high quality organic food production in the face of a changing climate producing a healthy crop

Naivo 3D solutions P Ltd or KineticGreen

Mr. Akash Singh

KineticGreen is an emerging ed-tech company which provides STEM-focused experiential learning solutions at the K-12 and higher level, also set up Innovation & Tech labs in schools. Instead of using readymade parts, every mechanical part is designed and developed by the students.

Farming for all

Mr. Ashish Kushwaha

Set up smart terrace garden in residential and commercial areas and smart green houses with remote access through mobile application and AI based data analysis.

Hungerstop Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Deepanshu Mathur, Aman Shah, Darpan Chauhan

To carry, the business of delivery management and to make booking of shipments, carriers, courier of documents on easy online systems for individuals, Associations of persons, Firms, e-commerce business entities, Companies and online sellers on its own or in association with others and carry on Agency business including that of freight agents, document couriers, steamer agents, chartering agents, clearing and forwarding agents, commission agents and bunkering agents and to work as Ship Broker and Charterers.

Nextbots Robotics Pvt. Ltd

Ajay Kumar

To carry on the business of developing, designing, establishing, maintaining, marketing, buying, importing, exporting, selling, providing, licensing, innovating all kinds of software, hardware, systems, programs, products, applications, gadgets and services, for all purposes including but not limited to Business Process Outsource units, Knowledge Process Outsource units, Call centers, Data centers, Medical Transcription Centers and the like in India or anywhere in world.

‘Mintoo Main’ Home services online

Shobhit Srivastava

Aims at building a platform whereby people can use it to book and utilize variety of services at their fingertips within minutes.


Eshan Bhalla

Hostel item supplies to the resident in university/institutions/campuses as a package and giving them a good price advantage over the market/campus prices

Goel innovatives

Col. Alok Goel

Design and development of energy efficient atmospheric motors


R. Diwakar Vaish

India’s first mind controlled robot, and world’s first production brain controlled wheelchair.( Manav).



Marketplace for civil engineers

VC Corp.Publishers LLP (to sign but a formality).

Vineet Sahay,Roopali Singhal

Digital publication of all law books present and future

Manvi Events

Manvi Sharma

Events with a focus on branding in Campuses

'Adora' e-Market Platform

Yalda Azmee

Provides an E-market platform for Afghani apparels and dry fruits.

Home Services

Manish Bansal

Providing uninterrupted maid/helping services in Indian homes

Mechagen Robotics Pvt. Ltd

Palepu Jithin Kumar

Set up Research and Development Centers and train & educate

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